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Exploring reconnection with plants and your True Nature for long-term health, wealth, and happiness.

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 I'm Tigrilla Gardenia, your Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor.  


You are Nature, and Nature is the manifestation of Divine Consciousness. My mission is to provide you a bridge that connects you to your True Nature. Together, we’ll bring revelations to the surface about yourself and your relationships with other beings of this world, and let go of fear of the future, lack of purpose, and challenges in all facets of your life. You will in turn feel safe, fulfilled, and happy in everything you do so that your actions naturally support your BEING. 


Naturally Conscious Community

A community of nurturing nature lovers and biophilic change agents seeking consciousness of your True Nature to define the next chapters of your professional and personal growth.

ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom

An interactive, self-paced course to deepen your self-awareness and flourish into your True Nature using science, spirituality, and the arts. 

Naturally Conscious Leadership Group

Increase understanding of yourself and become aligned with your choices with practical tools in a group setting to become a spiritually, socially, eco-conscious, and inspired leader.

Who I Am

My name is Tigrilla Gardenia and like you, I have a deep desire to live in alignment with nature.

When you reconnect to your True Nature and recognize yourself as nature, you recognize that you are an expression of the divine. This is what frees us from the low-level fear that we seem to grow into in modern society. 

As a Nature-Inspired Mentor & Leadership Coach, I bring together conscious entrepreneurs and nature-inspired leaders like you, seeking to evolve into Change Agents. My goal is to help you create a life and business in harmony with nature and your true self so that you can:

  • Grow in confidence in who you are and the decisions you make,

  • Freedom to live without the influence of your rivers (society, culture, past lives),

  • Believe a better world is coming into being with your work, and

  • Lead a Naturally Conscious Life

I’m passionate about helping people evolve into who they want to become so that they can enjoy the affluence and abundance - physical, spiritual, and emotional - that comes from a deeper connection with nature. 

The end goal is for you to reach happiness as Gandhi defined it: “When what you do, and what you say, and what you think are in harmony.”

 Learn more about me here 🌿

NCC Philosophy

The Values This Community Walks In Are:

  • Integrity between thoughts and actions

  • Deep listening within and without 

  • Curiosity that leads to asking deep questions 

  • Alignment with your True Nature, the planet, plants, and other beings

  • Community-building and collaboration

  • Conscious adaptability

  • Seeking and cultivating purpose & impact 

My programs and communities are created to provide guidance so that you can live in the moment and confront personal & professional challenges, instead of staying stuck in the past or ruminating on what’s to come in the future. 

Take the first step in this journey with me and join the Naturally Conscious Community.

"It feels like I'm being drawn forward - by the evolving human culture as it increasingly turns in this direction, and by the trees I know themselves, that have begun their Spring unfurling and seem more and more to have things to share with me - and I'm trusting that, that sense of being pulled forward and out of my habitual self - I'm trusting Tigrilla Gardenia as my/our guide."

- Stuart Garber 

One Final Note: 

NCC is a space where you are free to share your immense value and safe to express your struggles. 

✅ Post as often a you like, even promotions, as long as they are relevant to the group and in alignment with your mission and that of the group. 

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