Naturally Conscious Community

Exploring reconnection with plants and your True Nature for long-term health, wealth, and happiness.

Welcome to the 

A supportive (eco)system for those who want to connect to their True Nature and explore a new way of living in collaboration with the plant world—hosted by your Nature-Inspired Mentor and ICF PCC Leadership Coach, Tigrilla Gardenia.

It takes courage and vulnerability to show up as your authentic self. The doors of possibility swing open, and decision-making becomes easy once you align with your True Nature.

This path is unique for everyone—and when you join our Naturally Conscious Community, you won’t ever have to walk it alone again. 

With the right support from human and plant allies, you’ll be one step closer to living a life filled with more purpose, meaning, and harmony—for yourself and the planet.

The NCC sprouted so that nature-conscious minds could have a safe place to explore a deeper connection with the plant kin-home. A place filled with guidance and mirrors of support from like-minded individuals who are on similar journeys to lead a life of impact.

This community is full of nature-inspired individuals who hear the whispers of plants and want to learn how to consciously apply this wisdom for personal, professional, and planetary transformation. It’s a portal filled with inspiration and discussion in all things nature, plant intelligence, and co-creating evolution!

If you want to blossom with us, join our Naturally Conscious Community!

The ripple effect of positive growth begins with you dropping your seed into the mix. We need your impactful insight to grow and cultivate a better world together!!

"[I've gained] awareness of a larger world."
–Kevin Hobbs, Sprout

"Coming home - it feels incredible."
–Nathanja Couch, Blooming Sprout

"In a word awareness ... awareness of the essential connection between us and kin..."
–Linda Frank, Flourishing Sprout

Tigrilla mindfully curates the Naturally Conscious Community ecosystem to meet you where you are on your journey with the plant kin-home and level of personal evolution.

All four memberships provide free access to NCC. You can connect with your fellow Sprouts (members) as you embark upon this fascinating journey to lead a naturally-conscious life in collaboration with plants. 

Each level includes all aspects of the preceding memberships.

Sprouts Central Membership

Break free from stagnant patterns and align with your True Nature by connecting with other self-explorers who recognize plants' magickal, supportive nature. Brainstorm, explore, and innovate within the inclusive NCC ecosystem, and find camaraderie with others who feel pulled toward the wisdom of plants.

Seedling Sprouts Membership

All relationships take work, and that includes your budding relationship with plants! Cultivate your ability to collaborate with plants by embarking on mini-voyages that will strengthen your ability to receive invaluable guidance from Spirit Wild Plants. Share your passion for reading with other plant-inspired bookworms in our ReConnect with Plant Wisdom Book Club. Find your creative spark among the Sprouts Writing Group, where you can support one another’s impactful work and meet other Sprouts worldwide in an exclusive monthly Interspecies Sprouts Gathering.

Blooming Sprouts Membership

Deepen your self-awareness and invoke your True Nature with ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom, our interactive, self-paced course that uses science, spirituality, and the arts. Unleash your true potential through powerful monthly Plant-Inspired Masterclasses and the seasonal Kick-Start Your Conscious (R)Evolution bootcamp to evolve your limiting beliefs to work on your behalf.

Flourishing Sprouts Membership

Must be a present or former mentorship client to join

Cultivate rewarding relationships and learn practical tools to become a leader in your personal and business life. As a member of our exclusive Naturally Conscious Leadership group, you receive continuous support from your peers and Tigrilla through nature-reconnect exercises, live monthly group mentoring, plant expansion meditations, leadership activities, plant-assisted rituals, journaling, and art prompts.

 Where you are on your current journey will reveal which level will resonate with you more. No matter which you choose, being a part of the Naturally Conscious Community will give you the support you need as you deepen your self-awareness and align with your True Nature.

 As you begin to crave more guidance to accelerate your progress, you can “sprout up” to the next level to strengthen your ability to receive and apply guidance from plant kin-home and start living the life you are meant to live with a renewed sense of confidence.

 (Note: The Flourishing Sprouts Membership is the only space with limited access since it is reserved for present or former mentorship clients.)

Ready for a breath of fresh air in your online social space?

The current social media landscape is like an overgrown, unattended garden littered with invasive thoughts and patterns. You tend to compare your circumstance to people who seem to have it all together but often forget that they’re filtering out all the bad stuff!

The truth is—you should only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. No one else. The seeds you plant today will shape who you become tomorrow, so it’s essential to focus on where you’re watering. After all, what you water, will grow.

The Naturally Conscious Community is your escape from the noise. Our community thrives on harvesting knowledge, cultivating personal and professional growth, and collaborating with nature. It’s a welcome retreat to feed your curiosity with guided support and illuminating discussions. 

Here you can expect:

🌱 Guidance from a Nature-Inspired Mentor and ICF PCC Leadership Coach

🌱 Non-judgement and deep listening from fellow nature-conscious members, aka Sprouts

🌱 Alignment with your True Nature, the planet, plants, and many more beings

🌱 Seeking and cultivating purpose & impact with integrity

🌱 Community-building and live commentary with illuminating discussions on all things plant neurobiology, plant cognition, and the birth of the plant humanities through journal papers, articles, studies, and conferences

🌱 ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast where we explore ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wonderous ways that plants can help you lead a Naturally-Conscious life

🌱 SEEDtalks presentations about projects, passions, and expertise from our Flourishing NCC Ecotone

Hi, I’m Tigrilla Gardenia!

Like you, I deeply desire to live in alignment with nature. As a Nature-Inspired Mentor & Leadership Coach, I’m passionate about helping conscious entrepreneurs and nature-inspired leaders evolve into who they want to become so they can enjoy the physical, spiritual, and emotional abundance that stems from a deeper connection with nature.

When you reconnect to your True Nature and recognize that you are Nature, you see that you are an expression of the Divine, which liberates you from the low-level fear perpetuated by modern society.

My goal is to help you create a life and business that’s in harmony with nature and your true self so that you can:

🌱Gain confidence in who you are and the decisions you make

🌱Have the freedom to live without the influence of your rivers—society, culture, education

🌱Become an agent of change and watch the world evolve through your impactful work

🌱Lead a Naturally Conscious Life

My hope for you is to reach happiness in the manner Gandhi describes it:

“Happiness is when what you do, and what you say, and what you think are in harmony.”

Take the first step in this exciting journey with me and join the Naturally Conscious Community.

You’re invited to jump in and start a fun conversation with your fellow nature-inspired friends! Post as often as you’d like. Promotions are welcome when they’re relevant to the group and align with the overall mission.

Who is the Naturally Conscious Community for?

🌱 You want access to connections, knowledge, and research around plant logic and the natural world.

🌱 You're curious about the practical ways to grow personally and professionally in harmony with your True Nature and the planet. 

🌱 You desire to understand yourself better so you can confidently choose what you do and why you do it. 

🌱 You crave a community aspect to your growth where you can actively participate and hear real-life stories from humans and plants about what it means to lead your life in a nature-inspired way.

Why Join the Naturally Conscious Community?

🌱 As someone who desires growth, you know the robust impact community and accountability can have in such a journey.

🌱 You want access to a supportive network to explore ways to communicate with plants so that together you can innovate and regenerate leadership in collaboration with the natural world.

🌱 To change the narrative from "save our world from destruction" to "living in harmony with our planet" by redefining the norm.

🌱 To learn how to apply new models of conscious leadership that embody the eco-based values you want to see expressed worldwide.

Remember, there's power in numbers. When we work together toward positive evolution, we become a catalyst for optimistic transformation—for ourselves and the planet.

If you have questions about NCC and want to learn more, feel free to contact me here.

I look forward to welcoming you to NCC, where you can lean into your relationship with plants and humans with playful curiosity. If you’d like to enhance your experience and accelerate your growth, let’s jump on a free discovery call and discuss how I can help you confidently achieve your professional and personal goals.

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